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Norm Petersen Cabinets began in the summer of 1976. In the heyday of shag carpet and bell bottom jeans, we got our start making trim, tables and small cabinets for custom vans. Even with these products we needed to be innovative: after all there is nothing square or flat in a van. Our shop was set up in the basement where Norm worked with the help of his wife Jan and their two children.

The next big move came in 1984 when we went from the basement of our home to our current location in Grafton, WI, and hired our first full time employee. A year later Norm Petersen Cabinets became a corporation. In the years that followed we shifted our focus from van parts to custom cabinets, our priority being quality cabinets at a fair price.

During the next 20 years we expanded our business by investing in advanced tooling, which includes a state of the art spray booth to apply our stains and finishes, and a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, createded specifically for the cabinet industry which allows us to explore innovations in design before we ever cut a board. Our services also include granite, laminate and solid surface counter tops. Our employees are still our biggest asset: we hire quality people and train them in an apprentice like environment. Currently we employ six craftspeople with a wide range of experience and ages.

With all the changes over the years, some things remain the same: we still make all our own cabinets, something which is becoming rare in this world of overseas imports. Also, it’s still very much a family business: Norm, Jan and their son Bill still run the business, and we are still focused on bringing our customers the very best product at a fair price, in a comfortable setting, as though you had been invited into our home.

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