Our Process
The Initial Meeting

This is where we set a time to come out and meet you at your convenience, during the day or in the evening - we can even make time for you on Saturdays. By seeing your home we can get a feel for how you live, and by asking questions about the function of your cabinets and your preferences, we can begin designing your project.

Design and Quotation

We take the dimensions of your room and put them into our cabinet design program. During this process we create the virtual cabinets to fit the style and design of your home. These drawings allow us to give you a quotation and a fairly accurate estimation of the time and materials required. A packet including floor plans, elevations, a 3D rendering and the quote will be sent to you. If the pricing and drawing meet with your approval, we collect a deposit from you and put you on our schedule.

Final Field Measure

Now comes the fun part! Before we start actual construction, we will come back to your home and go over every aspect of your new cabinets, including doors, wood, color, hardware selection, and placement. We also cover all those little details that make your new cabinets uniquely yours. If we don’t have all the decisions made in just one visit, that’s fine. We will not start building until you are completely sure what it is you want.


Now it’s time put the design into the hands of our craftsmen and turn them into reality. After the dust clears and all the lumber has been cut, shaped, sanded assembled and finished, your cabinets are ready to install. If you would like to see how your project is coming along, or if you'd like to just see what the process looks like, click here.

Delivery and Installation

Finally, after your project is complete, we will call to set up a delivery time convenient for you. Since we do most of the assembly and finishing in our shop, your installation time is kept to a minimum. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your new cabinets.